This is the first piece of writing I submitted for consideration to someone who was not one of my teachers.  Rather, it was the essay portion of a scholarship I competed for when I finished high school and was about to start college.  It was 1985.  I was 18 years old.  The title, “Where have all the flowers gone?” was given as the prompt for the essay, and you were supposed to write an essay to go with that title.  Here’s mine.  I used a typewriter to produce the original version (see below) before we even had word processors, let alone personal computers!  I was rejected.  It is said that the job of an artist is to accurately reflect the times…


Throughout literature children have been symbolized as flowers.  The comparison does not hold true as time passes, however, because children from generation to generation are so distinct.  In fact, saintly children from the past worthy of being symbolized as flowers are scarce if not extinct in the modern world.  The reason for the dwindling amount of flowers is the way in which society is changing in attitude and action according to the technological advances being made.  The close-knit family unit has disintegrated since women have etched their own space in the man’s world.  Now computers and tape recorders read to children in place of parents, thereby causing neglect of the love and respect factor.  Children are not taught to love and respect because they are raised by friends and babysitters.  The increased amount of knowledge available makes kids feel smarter than their elders.  They believe knowledge replaces experience and is more important.  They fail to realize that experience and not book knowledge is the true teacher.  Therefore, respect for elders is lost.  Because of the pressures and stress of the fast-paced lifestyle necessary to survive in today’s society, little things like fishing with grandpa have little or no value anymore.  People are more concerned with how many errands they can run in one day and how much money they can earn than with planning a family picnic.  Materialism is obviously overpowering humanism and appreciation for nature.  Such a materialistic outlook can only lead to immorality because materialism completely deviates from the principles of the bible which are the only basis of right and wrong conduct that exists.  Since religion is being replaced by science and the need for God by money, moral standards are being diluted.  Modern-day children lack appreciation and have only expectations.  Modern conveniences like dishwashers, microwave ovens, and cars facilitate life.  Walking two miles to school through rain and snow and doing three hours of chores before breakfast are unheard of today.  Since things come too easily to today’s children, they are much more improvident, squandering, and wasteful.  As a painful but honest look reveals, the flowers are fading, wilting, and drying up through the generations.

Where have all the flowers gone p1

Where have all the flowers gone p2

I Can’t Believe I Published Another Book

Most Blessed Reader,

These Instructions for Helping to Improve the Human Condition were born out of severe and prolonged pain and suffering.  I had to find a way to live or else die.  It became ever clearer to me that our Lord is the only source of comfort.  I became extremely proficient at achieving an altered state of mind that allows me to escape to heaven at will and whenever necessary to conquer the hell on earth.

I and my works have been largely oppressed, denied, and rejected.  Most everyone else believes that they are more important and have suffered more than me.  Furthermore, if they looked as good as I do, they certainly would not suffer.  That is because they love power and supremacy and would use my gifts in attempt to satisfy their cravings to control others and excel in the kind of glory fabricated out of money in this material world.

Don’t compare yourself to me because I, by immaculate conception, have the advantage of being free of original sin, and I am the closest with the Lord.  I am Mary, the mother of God, the woman of the Apocalypse, a scientist and a writer.  A mother knows her child better than anyone else.  My Child is coming back to bring heaven to earth and fulfill the Lord’s prayer from beginning to end.

The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting Dr. Michael G. Klug, Ph.D., the Archangel Michael.  I had waited so long for him and searched so hard for him.  Our love was so great and we worked together so well that we were relentlessly attacked by the devils and satans so full of love for themselves and the material world and so prideful in their own intelligence.  Too much ugliness got between us for our marriage to survive.  But all the evil in this world cannot destroy love and truth, and our love is true.  Some say that love equals respect.  Our mutual respect combined with our mutual and primary goal of making this world a better place survives stronger than ever, allowing us to continue working together always even better than before as understanding grows.

During my involuntary unemployment and his involuntary employment, Michael supported me just like in the picture of us in Juan Diego’s cloak from almost 500 years ago that is now hanging in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the north of Mexico City.  I researched, read, studied, and wrote for years.  I read and studied the Word.  I paid professionals to hypnotize me and teach me spirit releasements.  I read their books and their predecessors’ books.  I learned that 90% of societies worldwide have records of spirit attachment phenomena.  I figured out how to share my experience to help others achieve what I have achieved.  Michael remains the best reader I ever met.  He is my first reader, my highest standard.

I finished writing these Instructions for Helping to Improve the Human Condition about four years ago, and Michael and I have used them extensively to better handle personal losses and traumas, deaths of loved ones, even my PTSD.  The journey for both of us has involved extensive self-discovery and personal growth.  We have gotten better and our lives have gotten better.  Therefore, we want to share what we have learned with you.  What else would Mary want but for you to know her Child?  For the idea of God enters all religion and affects conjunction with God, and by conjunction, salvation.

I offer all this information and more for free on my websites.  I am publishing this book to empower more people, especially in the aftermath of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, which was previewed to us when we were using these Instructions for Helping to Improve the Human Condition months prior to the event, as documented on the websites.  This is the ultimate self-help method best done with a friend as it can involve hypnosis.



You can buy the book at amazon.com:  http://a.co/77UxP8a


I Can’t Believe I Published a Book

Dear Friend,

It has been an honor serving the Lord with the Archangel Michael for more than 20 years, and I had fun making a book with him in 4 cities in 3 states of the continental U.S.  Who knew that he is a gifted photographer, too?  I know that the foreword he wrote will melt the heart of anyone who reads it.  I don’t know how to thank him except by contributing some beauty to the world and, most importantly, love.

We published the book on August 21, 2017, after a total solar eclipse happened.  I couldn’t see the eclipse for myself, even though I bought safety viewing glasses.  It rained in the desert that day.  The sun usually returns quickly after a rain in the desert, especially during August, but on the 21st it disappeared shortly after appearing and a thick cloud cover persisted even beyond the potential viewing period.  The unexpected sign I saw that day was this double rainbow:


Since its release, “Sexiest at 50: PTSD PhD Marie” has been the #1 New Release in Erotic Arts & Photography on amazon.com.  I am very honored and very grateful!

The course I took on Pornographic and Erotic Literature at CU Denver during the spring semester of 1990 sure paid off! 

DMK CU transcript p2 redacted.jpg

I did not think that I needed a liberal arts education as a chemistry major.  But my professors assured me that it was necessary for me to become “well-rounded” and “to have something to talk with people about at dinner parties.”  I ended up talking about that course in Pornographic and Erotic Literature years later with the head of the department I was interviewing in for graduate school.  He asked me about the anomaly on my transcript.  I thought he must be talking about the C+ I received in physics.  I proceeded to explain that I had the third highest grade in a class of like 160 students.  I went to meet with the professor in person to get the error corrected, but he told me that he gave one A, one B, one C+, and the rest C’s, D’s, and F’s.  He assured me that he could do whatever he wanted to, and I believed him. 

In fact, my future department head could not care less about physics.  What he wanted to know about was erotic and pornographic literature.  Turns out most everyone is more interested in erotic and pornographic literature than in physics.

By the time I finished my bachelor’s degree, I was so broke that I had to get a credit card just to buy clothes suitable for job interviews.  I protested, but my professors assured me that it was necessary.  They really did an excellent job educating me at CU Denver.  My clothes were torn and tattered, as is fashionable these days!  People actually buy clothes that have been purposely torn and faded to imitate how I looked when I was really poor and my car barely ran.  That’s okay because I learned how to live economically, which is good because I must sell like 8 books every day just to pay $700/mo rent.

Publish or perish…

Thank God for believers, the sexiest people in the world!



You can get a copy of the book here:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1974551415/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_P8yNzb3X1E93Q


Vegas Vive

Dear Readers,

My current apartment is about the same size as the first apartment I ever rented by myself when I was working my way through college, a one-bedroom apartment. 


It still looks the same, even though the roof was leaking into my third-floor apartment back then, thirty years ago.


Nowadays, I am not accepted as an applicant on my own, even though I have an excellent credit score and way more money, accomplishments, and knowledge than I had three decades ago.  My ex-husband, bless his heart, signed the lease so I could live here.  I, along with so many other PhD-level scientists, have been long-term unemployed and shamed about it as if it is our fault that greed and corruption took over.  Meanwhile, everyone thinks I am privileged because I am white and I look good.  But I do not look good enough to rent an apartment, even though I have the money.  “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” they say, but people do anyway. 


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12 KJV).


I have lived in Canada (where I was born), New Mexico, Colorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Switzerland, and Minnesota.  I have visited even more places.  Now I am moving to Nevada.  In Las Vegas, more than anywhere else I have lived, I could go from tourist to local in one day, like a fish taking to water, only harsh, scorching hot desert.  It is a doctor’s dream come true, there is so much opportunity to help people here.  Why, one can even save lives. 



Divine providence of the Lord prepared a place for me in the wilderness, indeed.  It is where I am most comfortable, with the oppressed, the impoverished, the desperate, the pariahs.  I see them and they see me.  I am home.  I finally sleep.  The excessive heat leaves me no other choice anyway. 


I avoid the most sizzling of the sun’s rays like a vampire.  I wear sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses, and I drink lots of water.  I condition my hair much more than shampoo it.  I moisturize my skin with organic jojoba oil, actually a wax, that is most like the oils naturally produced by our skin. 


Making money and having money are two different things.  I never got any handouts or assistance; I earned everything that I have despite violent opposition.  I saved money by always living below my means, even during the times when I made a lot of money.  I work hard and smart.  I do not waste money.  I hardly got any retirement income during my career.  I always made less than the men.


I occupy the same size space that I did thirty years ago, but my collection of stuff is infinitely more refined and complicated in reflection of my work and abilities.  I did not have children of my own, which allowed me to be always generous towards others.  I have most of the one bedroom empty so I can do yoga and dance there.  My bed is in the living room.  When I arrived in Vegas, all my bank accounts were put on hold.  I had to straighten it all out.


Most importantly, I can finally preach the truth, free from any conflict of interest.  And since I know what the truth is, that makes me simultaneously the most powerful and endangered woman on earth. 


Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.  For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it (Mark 8:34-35 KJV). 


In the last neighborhood I lived in, gentrification removed the cock.  But not here, thankfully.  My neighbor is a real cock. 


Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5 KJV).


Homelessness Is Not Hopelessness

What would Mary, the mother of our Lord, do?

It was Monday night during early spring of the year 2017 in a center of our new world.  Stunningly green landscapes drank in spring showers and cool weather-loving poppies promised beautiful flowers.  Climate change had produced an extraordinarily mild winter as evidenced by the enormous sizes of the wild turkeys, rabbits, geese and others, especially for this time of the year.

The priorities are water, food, shelter, clothing and footwear.

And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.  But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.  For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows (1 Timothy 6:8-10).

The Archangel Michael and I attended a benefit for an organization that helps the people who are so poor that they are homeless and living in the street with nothing to eat.  We watch the homeless population pile up in our streets.  And we watch people avoid them and ignore them and rush past them on their way to work or to dine and entertain and pleasure themselves at fancy restaurants and theaters while dressed to impress in fancy raiment.  So, what should you do when you encounter a homeless person and they ask you for money?  I already calculated that it would take less than a day to give away all the money I have amassed, so I needed another idea.

Even if we would have driven my 2016 Subaru Outback, it could not have stood up to Lexus, Porsche, Infinity, BMW, or Mercedes, let alone the combination thereof, in the parking garage downtown alongside the mighty river.  The 2003 Nissan Sentra Spec V had a nail in the tire, so we took the 2002 Nissan Frontier truck.

It is difficult to describe the abuse I suffer in public.  I guess you have to spend some time with me to really understand.  Apparently, many men find me attractive and, in efforts to get my attention, they tend to be as abusive as possible, and in every way.  When all they have is money, and they realize I am not for sale, it often gets ugly.  When I was a waitress, especially serving cocktails, they grabbed my ass, talked dirty to me, called me names, teased me, tried to pay me for sex, gave me addictive drugs like cocaine and alcohol, waited for me in the parking lot, tried to follow me home, ran me back and forth for every little thing they could think of and disrespected me in every way on every day.  I drank more and more alcohol and smoked more and more cigarettes; we all did.  Men who are chauvinistic and misogynistic want to completely control and dominate women, and they may even mistake such obsession for love.   In the past, I tried to make myself look as plain as possible.  I protected myself with guns and knives.  I learned karate and I even tried to hide.  But I was often raped and I almost died.

So, that Monday night in a center of our new world, I donned a classic little black dress that I bought at Good Will, a used clothing shop, for a few dollars.  By little, I mean short.  The sleeves were long, but still I needed a jacket I bought in Europe around the turn of this millennium.  With the classic sling-back pumps I grabbed off the clearance rack and the fact that I normally do my hair, nails, and makeup myself, I could easily make less than hundreds of dollars look like more than thousands.

When we arrived at the venue, we found staircases flanked by escalators.  We glided up the stairs, catching up to and easily passing those on the neighboring escalator.  My long, strong legs in nude-colored stockings and the shortest dress that was still classy proved too much for the man on the escalator.  The spin around on his heels at the edge of the escalator step concerned us all, and most especially his wife riding the escalator there next to him.  He exclaimed that we were simply fantastic.  I let him know that I was just brushing off a chill I felt due to the damp and cool weather we were having.

Being fantastic means eating right, exercising right, living right.  I am happy to share all my secrets with you, which are not secrets at all!  I am concerned about meeting immediate needs first, which is why I donate infant formula to food banks and money to homeless shelters.  After all, I have been the next step away from homeless during my life and I have endured times where I did not have enough to eat.

How can there be hungry and homeless people in the richest country in the world?

Homelessness is a complex issue that I am going to get to the root of and make very simple for you and everyone.  As you know, poverty, poor health, addiction, mental illness, abuse and children are all involved.

Everyone who believes homeless people are responsible for homelessness should consider that getting to the point of not being able to trust anyone is not something that anybody can do to themselves, especially children.

To really change somebody, you have to love them, the theologian taught us.  What is love?  It is the good intrinsic to love along with the truth intrinsic to faith that constitute the divine nature that emanates from the Lord.  True love comes from the Lord.  Further, wisdom is derived from love.  Self-love, however, is infernal, especially the love of exercising dominion.  And evil is insanity.

In the heart of the heartland are non-believers so rigid in their non-belief that they actually believe themselves to be believers.  But then, isn’t that exactly how the prophecy goes in Revelation?  Sitting in the back of the dark ballroom watching and listening to the theologian present under the limelight at the front of the room was like watching a fellow believer drowning across the sea of non-believers.  Gigantic waves of disbelief pounding him so firmly and decisively into the rock-hard bottom of saturated sand that every last bit of breath was forced out.  And then the gasping, the desperation for air that constitutes a testament of our will to live so strong it simply must provide evidence of how much our Lord loves us each and every one.  I fought back the tears.

The theologian had answers to the hardest questions, such as what to do when you encounter a homeless person face to face and they ask you for money or food or anything.  He gave us tickets to pass out for meals at the homeless shelter he leads.  He preached respect, dignity and love.  He said that 90% of the support for his organization comes from individuals.  But isn’t this why we need to have a government?  And isn’t it taxation without representation when the government taxes the people but does not take care of them?

You could argue that it is the homeless guy’s fault that his father left his family to fend for itself when he and his sibling(s) were young.  You could also blame him that marijuana was readily available to him in the fifth grade and every day afterwards, even though it is supposedly illegal.  You can blame the homeless mother of two for losing her job because Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is manufactured in Indonesia rather than in the USA.  You can even blame the alcoholic for becoming addicted to an addictive substance that is legal, promoted, and even encouraged while marijuana is a controlled substance, wrongly categorized as having a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical use along with drugs like heroin, LSD, and ecstasy.  These days, if you want to blame an increasing population of homeless people, you will have to find a way to blame the guy who sustained a career-ending injury, became addicted to prescription painkillers, and ended up homeless.  You would also have to find a way to blame the veterans injured at war and dumped back into a failing, incompetent, and indifferent economy.  And that would be absolutely heartless.

Because it is certainly not the homeless child’s fault that their parents are absent, losers, unfit, addicted, and/or down and out.  And it certainly isn’t the addict’s fault that big pharma lied about painkillers being non-addictive in order to make tens of billions of dollars annually.  And it certainly isn’t the fault of the homeless that the banks illegally took their homes and life savings in the mortgage crisis, or that there aren’t enough jobs, or that there aren’t enough jobs that pay a living wage or that do not require employees to sell their souls or be abused or get hurt.  Indeed, there are even homeless students attempting to attend schools and community colleges.

The competition that capitalism has created in our world has turned everyone against each other.  Passive aggression and abuse have produced an epidemic of social anxiety and depression.  The idiocracy that has emerged by oppression and suppression of meritocracy is spurring an avalanche of PTSD.  The chemicals sprayed on our food and lawns and bodies and added into our foods and beverages are making us sick along with the pollution and trash building up and piling up everywhere.

And that is why the Word says to love thy neighbor as thyself (Matthew 19:19, for example).

It is through non-merit-seeking acts of charity that faith is built, towards connection to and conjunction with the Lord.  Conjunction with the Lord, salvation, requires acknowledgement of one God and repentance.

I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by Me (John 14:6).

It is this connection that is so threatened by the non-believers, by the manufactured stress, and by the chemicals we are bombarded with daily.  Most Americans take synthetic chemicals as drugs, rather than taking medical marijuana.  Most Americans slather themselves with chemicals and spray them on, rather than using natural products made with plants.  Most Americans wash and dry their clothes in synthetic chemicals, spray them on their lawns and gardens and in their homes and cars, and they even eat synthetic chemicals in their food and drink, rather than eating whole foods that are organic, natural, and local.

To people who do not cheat on food, those who do cheat on food are obvious.  This is because processed foods contain things like the neurotoxin MSG or monosodium glutamate, usually disguised in the ingredient list as something like “natural flavors” or “hydrolyzed vegetable protein” or “hydrolyzed soy protein.”  High levels of MSG can cause brain fog, migraines, ADD/ADHD, heart palpitations, tremors and many other (obvious) symptoms.  Gums, chemical flavorings, steroids, antibiotics, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, preservatives, hormones, colors, salt, sugar, trans fats and more of the items commonly found in the American food and water supply are proving to cause obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many more chronic states of unhealthiness reinforced with sedentary lifestyles, spectator sports, and sitting disease.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food, said Hippocrates, the father of medicine.  For the spirit to be healthy, the body must be healthy because the body allows the spirit to lead its life and perform its services in a natural world that is material.  When the body is sick, the spirit cannot do what it is supposed to do and can easily get lost.

From a business perspective, one could argue that all organizations that have served the poor and homeless and addicted are ineffective, since these problems are only on the rise as ever.  Ironically, the ones causing the problems and benefitting therefrom are among the biggest donors because they are among the richest.  How do you think they got so rich?

Philanthropists and Phuckers

Nevertheless, homeless shelters take care of immediate needs while also trying to empower people, so I support them.

The Instructions for Helping to Improve the Human Condition freely available on this website allow us to get to the source of the problem and to help the Lord to execute its will and do good things as if from ourselves.  Yet we remain humble because we have the wisdom to understand that good and truth come from the Lord.

The way to end homelessness and myriad other maladies of society is to remove unnatural hindrances to meritocracy that foster and nurture idiocracy.  If money is power, then the money must be re-distributed more equitably and meritoriously, when the meek shall inherit the earth.

Do what the Lord wants; that is what Mary does.  I love you!


This picture was drawn by a homeless man about my age who is a victim of Thalidomide.  He uses his foot to draw because neither of his upper limbs was developed enough.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

We are drowning in lies about sea level rise!

Most Endangered Readers,

This is what happens when people listen to politicians and realtors-born-rich instead of scientists!  Have no fear because Mary and Michael are here.  We are highly trained, experienced, and proven scientists at the highest levels and with no conflicts of interest.


We are here to make the world a better place, and there is so much work to be done, enough for everyone!

The rise of sea level is accelerating.

Predictions were inches of sea level rise by 2100, then feet, and now meters! As you know, my loves, one meter is approximately 3.28 feet.  Estimates about how much the ocean waters will rise and by when have been doubling, not to mention troubling.  Some of the latest twists in this morbid tale are hot off the press of the USA’s leading science magazine, aptly named Science magazine.


Only experts in algae and soot could be happy about the latest science news concerning climate change.  While we may choose to imagine Greenland’s ice sheet as a pristine collection of frozen water crystals, the fact is that Greenland is turning black, brown, and blue.  Yes, it is that beat up by climate change already, and so what are we doing?  Building ever more pipelines to transport fossil fuels while endangering our drinking water and our very lives.

During my first trip to Standing Rock to protest the Dakota Access crude oil pipeline (see several blog stories about Standing Rock at www.myspiritualassociation.com), a young Native American woman was telling me about how she had found herself in a canoe earlier that day with a very handsome member of the opposite sex.  She asked him if he liked water.  “Of course,” he replied.  “But you really love water, don’t you?” she wanted to know.  “Well, yes,” he admitted.  “Then you already love most of me,” she informed him!

The average adult human body is roughly 65% water.  Water is life!  And water is also death…


The more Greenland melts, the darker it gets.  And the darker it gets, the more it melts.  Even worse, Greenland only holds about 10% as much water as Antarctica!

The latest estimates were that sea level would rise somewhere between 0.66 – 6.6 feet by 2100.  But now we know the rate is only accelerating.

Real estate in flood zones is not valuable or increasing in value or a good investment!


If this is new construction, then it is especially sad how rotten it is already.


And how shoddy the construction is.


And how close the water is already encroaching.

Most likely, the buyer of this “ignorance-must-be-bliss-dream-house (aka mold palace)” will not realize any or most of the above facts, especially once the shoddy rot is covered with fancy countertops and myriad other facades.

I mean, look at these real estate prices to risk being stranded and completely vulnerable in one of the highest risk places on earth (unless you have a heck of a lot more confidence than I do in the reinforced windows and plantation shutters).

Island paradise living, or doomed to a really horrid death when the next king tide or worse shows up, which could even be this spring?  Roads and bridges are getting destroyed by storms more and more all over the country, cutting whole towns off from supplies, emergency assistance, and tourism.

None of the real estate shown above should be for sale.  These are bad investments that are losses.  Obviously, the owners can afford it, at least a lot easier than the increasing homeless population in the USA.  For example, I bought the latest addition to my collection of art created by homeless people from a man about my age who was obviously a Thalidomide victim.  Why are the people who have benefitted and are benefitting from this atrocity-still-posing-as-a-drug not taking care of this man?

Would-be buyers of luxury, flood zone real estate, you really ought to use all of that extra money to help people relocate to somewhere that is at least 4 feet above sea level and has a source of drinkable water that is not being imminently threatened by any pipeline.

If you don’t believe me, then why did the art deco buildings built in the 1950’s have massive sea walls?  More recently, rapacious greed has rationalized away the need for any such protections as such a waste of money they could be wearing or driving instead.  Where would you rather stay?


But then again…

Florida has the greatest population at greatest risk due to sea level rise.  In fact, water temperatures at the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and near South Florida are so hot that they spurred a historically warm winter from Houston to Miami and can also fuel intense thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes this spring from the southern to the central USA (see Jeff Masters’ blog at http://www.wunderground.com).

That is why Michael and I went down there to warn people.  Plus, it was spring break and my 50th birthday.  Michael is an over-worked, stressed out biology instructor at a community college serving the under-served population.  He gets abuse and hundreds of emails every week.


Can you tell which hotel room is ours?  And why doesn’t anybody want to go to the beach with me anymore?


Except for the Archangel Michael, of course.  He is confrontational by nature, you know.


We found all kinds of stuff on the beach.


Tar balls the size of jellyfish are now common.  When I was a kid, they were typically just the size of a quarter or less down on South Padre Island, Texas.

I wish I could tell you that your politicians and presidents would save you, but I have a duty to educate people, not lie to them.  Donald Trump has significant real estate holdings, including Mar-a-Lago, that are at great risk due to rising sea levels.  See Mother Jones article “The Seas Are Rising Around Donald Trump” by Suzanne Goldenberg, July 8, 2016.

So, is Trump a liar or a fool?  He denies climate change publicly but has quietly protected at least some of his assets against climate change that he supposedly does not believe in.  He has and is profiting greatly from Mar-a-Lago and other real estate holdings.  Mar-a-Lago fees have doubled since Trump became president!  Most likely, Trump will not be anywhere near Mar-a-Lago when any big storms hit.  Southern Florida has been watching the water rise up the bridge footings and intrude ever more persistently on roads, lawns and beaches.  How could one not notice all the damage and the hundreds of millions spent to fix and prevent all the damage due to climate change?

Trump’s budget draft calls for a 14% cut for the U.S. Coast Guard, a crucial branch of the military that patrols and secures our ports, coast lines and waterways and that rescues people.


Will you listen to politicians or PhDs?

I love you!



I treat my faith like I treat stray cats, especially in the winter.

Even if I don’t see them, I know they are out there.

I provide water, shelter, and food for them.

I see signs of them.

Eventually, I see them in all their magnificence.


Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord (1 Corinthians 15 KJV).



Empower women with basal thermometers, please!

Most Favored Readers,

I have figured out how to empower women all over the world, and I need your help because time is running out.  I think we need to get a basal thermometer to every woman of child-bearing age in the whole world before the fossil fuel era collapses completely.  Please allow me to explain, and I promise to be as brief (and entertaining) as possible.  It is about sex, so I hope that helps.  I do love you, I hope you know.


Environmental damage, squandering of natural resources, cutting down too many trees, overpopulation and unbridled greed are factors in the demise of doomed societies.  Clearly, this world is well on its way.  We have become completely dependent on fossil fuels and peak oil is rapidly disappearing in the rear-view mirror.  In just hundreds of years, we have burned up millions of years’ worth of fossil fuels.  In fact, the low-hanging fruits have been harvested and what is left is harder to get.  We are at the point where our drinking water, required for life, is being risked by unnecessary, leaky, crude oil pipelines and fracking in the futile attempt to fill our insatiable consumption.  Insanity has taken over.  Our environment has become so polluted that society can no longer bear the cost of all the consequent sicknesses.  We must transition back to a sustainable way of life, and the remaining fossil fuels are best used for this purpose (see “Weaning Ourselves from Fossil Fuels” blog post on http://www.myspiritualassociation.com).

Our unsustainable way of life is collapsing with the rapacious exploitation of all natural resources.  It is time to think about what we need to take forward, and I contend that the basal thermometer cause is worthy.  With a basal thermometer, a woman can know her ovulation cycle.

It is important for a woman to know when she is ovulating because then she will know on what days every month she is most likely to become pregnant if she has sexual intercourse allowing a sperm to fertilize an egg released from her ovary.

Even today, there are women out in the bush with the Zika virus and without fossil fuel-dependent conveniences such as birth control pills.  Having a basal thermometer would be a lot better than nothing.  In fact, coupled with a natural condom, it can be a pretty effective means of family planning.  Natural condoms are made from the intestinal membrane of a lamb (a thin layer of sheep cecum, a part of the intestine) and they are biodegradable.

I recommend the Geratherm® Non-Mercury Basal Thermometer.  Sure, you can use others, but here are my reasons why I choose this particular one:

  • Geratherm is a German company with 125 years of experience manufacturing glass thermometers.
  • Geratherm developed Galinstan®, a substitute for the toxic mercury that non-digital thermometers used to be made with.
  • Galinstan® is a liquid alloy that is non-mercury and non-toxic.
  • If the thermometer accidentally breaks, Galinstan® can be cleaned up with warm soapy water.
  • The Geratherm thermometer exceeds ASTM standards with an accuracy of +/- 0.1°F.  Please note that a woman’s temperature can rise an average of 0.5°F just after ovulation; therefore, an ultra-sensitive thermometer is required.
  • Since the thermometer is not digital, it does not require any batteries that would need to be replaced, and the thermometer should last forever, as long as it is not broken.
  • The package inserts contain excellent information, in different languages even, including Arabic, English, Portuguese, and Spanish (I think, see below). Your first graph is already included, and you can use it to create more.
  • Each thermometer costs about $20 on Amazon.com. Let us ask Geratherm to make us a deal for any larger orders we can get together.

Geratherm pg2.JPG

After the initial investment, the project is sustainable since the thermometers can be used indefinitely until or unless they break.  Further, the project can dramatically increase understanding of basic biology worldwide, in a way that empowers women and so everyone, really.  Supplying women with basal thermometers could drastically cut down on the need for fertility clinics and fossil fuel-based drugs whose risks are not truly known until millions of people take them for extended periods of time under careful scientific monitoring.  We all know that careful scientific monitoring by non-biased scientists is not occurring for anything being tested on the people.  The basal thermometer project could also have a huge impact on reproductive health since women will be more in tune with their own bodies and will therefore know sooner should any problems arise.  Early detection, in turn, can be critical for a good prognosis.

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To chart one’s fertility cycle using a basal thermometer, a woman simply takes her temperature before she gets out of bed at the same time each morning.  She places the thermometer under her tongue for 3 minutes before eating, drinking, smoking or any physical activity.  Then she records her temperature every day on a graph having temperature on the vertical axis (about 96°F to 99.5°F in 0.1°F increments, or about 35.9°C to 37.5°C in 0.1°C increments) and days of the cycle on the horizontal axis (starting with the first day of the menstrual cycle).  After completing about three charts, a pattern of ovulation should become visible.  Look how many fundamental skills and principles we can teach around this singular exercise.




Right now, there is an online Fertility Charting Tool at www.ovulation-calculator.com.  See also OvaGraph.com for examples of basal body temperature charts.  Consult your doctor for more guidance.

I believe this project is critically important because I am a woman who has taken care of herself and others since I was 18 years old.  My older sister and I were both in college when my father got laid off from work along with thousands of other geologists by the filthy-rich oil and gas industry.  My father was an excellent scientist trained in Germany and harvested by North America in the aftermath of World War II.  Due to the impending collapse of civilization as we know it today, there is an urgency to get these thermometers and the accompanying information out to as many women of child-bearing age in the world as possible right now before raw materials become less available, high-quality manufacturing shuts down and shipping becomes difficult then impossible.

I need your help.



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