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Dearest Readers,

The Book Beat bookstore has our books for sale now! Open since 1982, the Book Beat offers valuable African art along with the most progressive, forward-thinking publications. Please stop by the Book Beat and look for Marie Kube’s books in the local authors’ section under “K” for Kube. Our goal is to offer our books for sale at bookstores for the same price or much less than on online. This is because I have a special understanding of the need for independent bookstores since my grandfather owned a bookstore in Berlin, Germany that was destroyed in World War II.

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“An independent bookstore specializing in art, photography, & children’s books”

And if you are in the Chicago, Illinois area, then you can also find our books for sale at Quimby’s Bookstore (click here for more information).

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Tony Hsieh

Love Your Neighbors

Tony Hsieh,

I am your neighbor.  I would talk to you myself in person, but you are too inaccessible, even to Mary, mother of God, now that you are worth $840 million.  So, I am writing you this blog post before I too become homeless on June 30, 2018.


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Did you see the word of the day today? 

There is no one holy like the Lord (1 Samuel 2:2).

There is an app for the Bible, as I am sure you know since you have a computer science degree from Harvard.  After I graduated from high school near the top of my class, I, too, was accepted to Harvard.  I knew that joining the ivy league comes with advantages called “privilege” these days, but the cost was out of my league.  Nevertheless, we ended up neighbors, you and I, at least at one of your homes.

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself (Matthew 19:19).

Nothing happens here in our neighborhood in downtown Las Vegas (now DTLV, according to you) without going through you.  And I know for a fact that that is true, because I am your neighbor, as I mentioned.  And because I am Mary, mother of God. 

And so, you are responsible for DTLV, Tony Hsieh, but you are certainly not God.  And when people play God, other people die.  You see, Tony, God loves us all, even you.  But you do not love me, even though I am your neighbor.  So, you are not God.

And it is not just me.  There are many more of your neighbors besides me whom you do not love.  In fact, you let them die in the street with dirty feet and nothing to eat or drink, while you take the water from the fire hydrant to fill the pool of your new complex.


What have you done with all your privilege, Tony?  Read my websites to get an idea of my sacrifices and suffering for the greater good.  And I am here to tell you, Tony Hsieh, that what you did called Link Exchange opened the door to internet advertising that is oppressing merit and favoring privilege, as usual.  Even worse, you put shoe stores and shoe salespeople out of business with, and those were good jobs.  Without shoe salespeople, people have been wearing the wrong shoes, and even young people are having to get bunion surgery because of it.  It is harder than ever to find decent walking shoes, even if you can pay a lot of money.  Even worse, people are being blamed for having bad genes when it is well-known that bunions are primarily caused by wearing the wrong shoes.  Even an auto shop owner reported that you put him out of business when you bought the building. 


There is nothing for the people who live here, nothing.  Even a yoga studio would be more than needed, let alone shelter for the homeless.  Instead, empty buildings are boarded up like in a ghost town, and security guards are paid to keep the homeless out.


I, myself, have tried to perform on Fremont Street Experience, but the performers are having a harder and harder time competing for money with all the smelly and starving homeless people everywhere.  I even tried to start a much wanted and needed dance studio, but everything must go through you, Tony, and you are not accessible to Mary, mother of God. 


DTLV is oppression, and I am warning people not to come here thinking that there is any opportunity for anything other than putting your things in storage and renting a hotel room weekly or monthly until your money is gone and you are homeless.


Tony Hsieh, I know you are busy with the year 2045 plan for the future of our great city.

But we need something now!

I know you want Vegas to be as profitable for you and your investors as places like San Francisco, Denver, and Arizona have been in the past for other exploiters and hoarders of resources that belong to all of us.  Like the city streets and sidewalks of DTLV that you now charge $100 for a 10’x10’ space on the first Friday of every month in the Arts District.  And that is if you even allow them that opportunity.  I applied for a 10’x10’ space, but you did not even respond to me, even after I followed up with you a second time.  So, you see, it is not as if I haven’t tried to contact you, but you have been rude to Mary, mother of God.

Nobody who makes less than the median income and who is trying to sell their goods or services on the street should have to incorporate or deal with local or federal sales tax, let alone pay an upfront fee of $100 to rent a 10’x10’ public space, if they are selected subjectively through a nontransparent application process.  This is especially true when there aren’t enough jobs and more than half of Clark County’s $1.42 billion budget is spent on jails and police while the homeless population is ever-increasing. 


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We need something now because we are not worth $840 million and cannot leave our buildings, including hotels, empty and keep homeless people out and wait for good business opportunities to arise that we can profit from.  We do not own a home in Southern Highlands Golf Club in addition to living in an airstream downtown.  We are not the gaming executives, real estate developers, professional athletes, musicians, actors and actresses, corporate executives, philanthropists or politicians who live in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the western U.S., like you, Tony.  Is your house in the smaller neighborhood within the club called the Estates of Southern Highlands, possibly worth more than $10 million, or is it just one of the highest average home prices in the country at $1.7 million?  Either way, it is far too rich for the likes of Mary, mother of God. 


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You have taken too much from others and at the expense of others, Tony Hsieh.  As the mediatrix, I am here to try and save your soul.  I advise you to repent and beg God for forgiveness.  The way is through non-merit-seeking acts of charity.  Then maybe we can do business together.  In the meantime, I would rather hang on the cross like my Son than drink your Kool-Aid.  I am a very successful scientist, and I know that being poisoned is one of the worst ways to die.  I pray for you, my child, as well as your followers.

Love, Mary



Vegas Vivió

Dear Readers,

A sick, old hotel building finally got torn down on Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV, USA.  The dust and stench were intolerable at times, despite inordinate amounts of water used to wet down the tear down.  The smell of rot was unmistakable as it emanated from the demolition.  You could see whole toilets, curtains, fiberglass insulation, ductwork, drywall, glass windows, concrete and steel beams all pulverized into enormous piles that were then sifted and sorted by men in machines.



When the noise pollution finally ended, this sign appeared:


Plans to build yet another casino with yet another hotel and yet another parking garage and yet another night club and yet another massage parlor and so on.  And twice the currently allowed height?  How could there be a need for more of the same old past, obsolete business model?


After all, the blue building project failed multiple times and now poses a hazard because the city must pay the cost of tearing it down.


Furthermore, since Wynn lost, like an oxymoron, Vegas has become a real ghost town.




Custom Roof Ventilation (see above tip of arrow)


Looks like they didn’t take it too well when their business failed.

Even the hotel next to the proposed building site appears to be abandoned, in which case it would be easier to tear it down before building another building next to it.


As the “For Rent” and “For Lease” signs flourish, the homeless population also explodes.



Report: Las Vegans still struggling with debt, money management



The pharmaceutical industry should take better care of those they have harmed, rather than adorning their buildings with silkwood walls from Africa.



Everybody who turns to the Lord can be saved, everyone!  God loves you!

Lots of Love, Marie 

I Wanted to Be That Woman

When I was young and traveling with my family, I once saw a woman pull up in her car under the covered driveway along the front of a motel out west.  She was all by herself.  She was sexy and so was her car, yet neither was the most expensive one.  Her boots kicked up the dust as she got out of the car, and then she put on her black felt cowboy hat over her dark shoulder-length hair.  She was young and beautiful and confident in her blue jeans, like she knew exactly what she was doing.  And she had grown hard and strong and tough, at least on the outside, wherever she had been planted.  But she had no roots.  And all the storms she had survived only made her stronger and could not take away her beauty or her charm or the sparkle of the excitement in her eyes that somehow coexisted with her wisdom, or at least street smarts.  She seemed quite fit as she moved energetically, gracefully, and decisively.  She was renting a room in a motel all by herself during a long drive.  I felt so excited by her freedom as the gypsy in me awoke, and oh, I so wanted to be that woman…


Vegas Vive

Dear Readers,

My current apartment is about the same size as the first apartment I ever rented by myself when I was working my way through college, a one-bedroom apartment. 


It still looks the same, even though the roof was leaking into my third-floor apartment back then, thirty years ago.


Nowadays, I am not accepted as an applicant on my own, even though I have an excellent credit score and way more money, accomplishments, and knowledge than I had three decades ago.  My ex-husband, bless his heart, signed the lease so I could live here.  I, along with so many other PhD-level scientists, have been long-term unemployed and shamed about it as if it is our fault that greed and corruption took over.  Meanwhile, everyone thinks I am privileged because I am white and I look good.  But I do not look good enough to rent an apartment, even though I have the money.  “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” they say, but people do anyway. 


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12 KJV).


I have lived in Canada (where I was born), New Mexico, Colorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Switzerland, and Minnesota.  I have visited even more places.  Now I am moving to Nevada.  In Las Vegas, more than anywhere else I have lived, I could go from tourist to local in one day, like a fish taking to water, only harsh, scorching hot desert.  It is a doctor’s dream come true, there is so much opportunity to help people here.  Why, one can even save lives. 



Divine providence of the Lord prepared a place for me in the wilderness, indeed.  It is where I am most comfortable, with the oppressed, the impoverished, the desperate, the pariahs.  I see them and they see me.  I am home.  I finally sleep.  The excessive heat leaves me no other choice anyway. 


I avoid the most sizzling of the sun’s rays like a vampire.  I wear sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses, and I drink lots of water.  I condition my hair much more than shampoo it.  I moisturize my skin with organic jojoba oil, actually a wax, that is most like the oils naturally produced by our skin. 


Making money and having money are two different things.  I never got any handouts or assistance; I earned everything that I have despite violent opposition.  I saved money by always living below my means, even during the times when I made a lot of money.  I work hard and smart.  I do not waste money.  I hardly got any retirement income during my career.  I always made less than the men.


I occupy the same size space that I did thirty years ago, but my collection of stuff is infinitely more refined and complicated in reflection of my work and abilities.  I did not have children of my own, which allowed me to be always generous towards others.  I have most of the one bedroom empty so I can do yoga and dance there.  My bed is in the living room.  When I arrived in Vegas, all my bank accounts were put on hold.  I had to straighten it all out.


Most importantly, I can finally preach the truth, free from any conflict of interest.  And since I know what the truth is, that makes me simultaneously the most powerful and endangered woman on earth. 


Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.  For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it (Mark 8:34-35 KJV). 


In the last neighborhood I lived in, gentrification removed the cock.  But not here, thankfully.  My neighbor is a real cock. 


Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5 KJV).