It’s Not Easy Being Green

We are drowning in lies about sea level rise!

Most Endangered Readers,

This is what happens when people listen to politicians and realtors-born-rich instead of scientists!  Have no fear because Mary and Michael are here.  We are highly trained, experienced, and proven scientists at the highest levels and with no conflicts of interest.


We are here to make the world a better place, and there is so much work to be done, enough for everyone!

The rise of sea level is accelerating.

Predictions were inches of sea level rise by 2100, then feet, and now meters! As you know, my loves, one meter is approximately 3.28 feet.  Estimates about how much the ocean waters will rise and by when have been doubling, not to mention troubling.  Some of the latest twists in this morbid tale are hot off the press of the USA’s leading science magazine, aptly named Science magazine.


Only experts in algae and soot could be happy about the latest science news concerning climate change.  While we may choose to imagine Greenland’s ice sheet as a pristine collection of frozen water crystals, the fact is that Greenland is turning black, brown, and blue.  Yes, it is that beat up by climate change already, and so what are we doing?  Building ever more pipelines to transport fossil fuels while endangering our drinking water and our very lives.

During my first trip to Standing Rock to protest the Dakota Access crude oil pipeline (see several blog stories about Standing Rock at, a young Native American woman was telling me about how she had found herself in a canoe earlier that day with a very handsome member of the opposite sex.  She asked him if he liked water.  “Of course,” he replied.  “But you really love water, don’t you?” she wanted to know.  “Well, yes,” he admitted.  “Then you already love most of me,” she informed him!

The average adult human body is roughly 65% water.  Water is life!  And water is also death…


The more Greenland melts, the darker it gets.  And the darker it gets, the more it melts.  Even worse, Greenland only holds about 10% as much water as Antarctica!

The latest estimates were that sea level would rise somewhere between 0.66 – 6.6 feet by 2100.  But now we know the rate is only accelerating.

Real estate in flood zones is not valuable or increasing in value or a good investment!


If this is new construction, then it is especially sad how rotten it is already.


And how shoddy the construction is.


And how close the water is already encroaching.

Most likely, the buyer of this “ignorance-must-be-bliss-dream-house (aka mold palace)” will not realize any or most of the above facts, especially once the shoddy rot is covered with fancy countertops and myriad other facades.

I mean, look at these real estate prices to risk being stranded and completely vulnerable in one of the highest risk places on earth (unless you have a heck of a lot more confidence than I do in the reinforced windows and plantation shutters).

Island paradise living, or doomed to a really horrid death when the next king tide or worse shows up, which could even be this spring?  Roads and bridges are getting destroyed by storms more and more all over the country, cutting whole towns off from supplies, emergency assistance, and tourism.

None of the real estate shown above should be for sale.  These are bad investments that are losses.  Obviously, the owners can afford it, at least a lot easier than the increasing homeless population in the USA.  For example, I bought the latest addition to my collection of art created by homeless people from a man about my age who was obviously a Thalidomide victim.  Why are the people who have benefitted and are benefitting from this atrocity-still-posing-as-a-drug not taking care of this man?

Would-be buyers of luxury, flood zone real estate, you really ought to use all of that extra money to help people relocate to somewhere that is at least 4 feet above sea level and has a source of drinkable water that is not being imminently threatened by any pipeline.

If you don’t believe me, then why did the art deco buildings built in the 1950’s have massive sea walls?  More recently, rapacious greed has rationalized away the need for any such protections as such a waste of money they could be wearing or driving instead.  Where would you rather stay?


But then again…

Florida has the greatest population at greatest risk due to sea level rise.  In fact, water temperatures at the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and near South Florida are so hot that they spurred a historically warm winter from Houston to Miami and can also fuel intense thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes this spring from the southern to the central USA (see Jeff Masters’ blog at

That is why Michael and I went down there to warn people.  Plus, it was spring break and my 50th birthday.  Michael is an over-worked, stressed out biology instructor at a community college serving the under-served population.  He gets abuse and hundreds of emails every week.


Can you tell which hotel room is ours?  And why doesn’t anybody want to go to the beach with me anymore?


Except for the Archangel Michael, of course.  He is confrontational by nature, you know.


We found all kinds of stuff on the beach.


Tar balls the size of jellyfish are now common.  When I was a kid, they were typically just the size of a quarter or less down on South Padre Island, Texas.

I wish I could tell you that your politicians and presidents would save you, but I have a duty to educate people, not lie to them.  Donald Trump has significant real estate holdings, including Mar-a-Lago, that are at great risk due to rising sea levels.  See Mother Jones article “The Seas Are Rising Around Donald Trump” by Suzanne Goldenberg, July 8, 2016.

So, is Trump a liar or a fool?  He denies climate change publicly but has quietly protected at least some of his assets against climate change that he supposedly does not believe in.  He has and is profiting greatly from Mar-a-Lago and other real estate holdings.  Mar-a-Lago fees have doubled since Trump became president!  Most likely, Trump will not be anywhere near Mar-a-Lago when any big storms hit.  Southern Florida has been watching the water rise up the bridge footings and intrude ever more persistently on roads, lawns and beaches.  How could one not notice all the damage and the hundreds of millions spent to fix and prevent all the damage due to climate change?

Trump’s budget draft calls for a 14% cut for the U.S. Coast Guard, a crucial branch of the military that patrols and secures our ports, coast lines and waterways and that rescues people.


Will you listen to politicians or PhDs?

I love you!


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