Pearson plc gets an F

European textbook conglomerate adds further disadvantage to disadvantaged students

Dear Pearson,

We are starting the third week of Anatomy class in college here in the U.S.A.  The students still don’t have their textbooks.  You made us all dependent on you, and now you cannot deliver.

I know you want to control everything that is taught in every school by every teacher and every computerized replacement of teachers.  However, that is what we were taught is wrong with Nazi Germany and communist Soviet Union and China back before you started dominating the textbook market.  Or is this more like feudal Europe where the royalty alone control all information?  Do you consider yourselves royalty just because you are a London, UK-based international media conglomerate?  Just to make sure you understand, here in America we generally have an A, B ,C, D, or F grading system, where “F” stands for failure.

Luckily you are not able to achieve the domination and control you desire since you cannot even deliver last year’s textbook to this year’s students.  An email notifying students of an unspecified backorder of up to 30 days is unacceptable for a textbook that is currently available on with one-day shipping.  This is especially true since you have focused your business solely on education since 2015 after having been a publisher and starting out as a construction company.

No wonder you had record losses last year.

You will be lucky if a class action lawsuit is not launched against you on behalf of all the under-represented students who are now behind in Anatomy without their textbooks and are therefore at a disadvantage in the highly competitive race to get into nursing school.  Even students who fail Anatomy still have to pay for the class and their student loans.

Thank God for our First Amendment rights and your incompetence that will save the truth from being buried in all the propaganda.



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