The Book Beat Bookstore

The Book Beat bookstore has Marie Kube’s books!

Dearest Readers,

The Book Beat bookstore has our books for sale now! Open since 1982, the Book Beat offers valuable African art along with the most progressive, forward-thinking publications. Please stop by the Book Beat and look for Marie Kube’s books in the local authors’ section under “K” for Kube. Our goal is to offer our books for sale at bookstores for the same price or much less than on online. This is because I have a special understanding of the need for independent bookstores since my grandfather owned a bookstore in Berlin, Germany that was destroyed in World War II.

Please visit the Book Beat at:
26010 Greenfield Rd.
Oak Park, MI 48237
248 / 968-1190

“An independent bookstore specializing in art, photography, & children’s books”

And if you are in the Chicago, Illinois area, then you can also find our books for sale at Quimby’s Bookstore (click here for more information).

Thank you for your support!



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