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How Corruption in Science has Affected Me and You

Dear Readers,

On the occasion of the end of the year 2021, I have quite a story for you, as you would expect. Even if you cannot understand or relate to this story now, you may be able to at some future time that may be soon. The truth always comes out.

“Totalitarianism in power invariably replaces all first-rate talents, regardless of their sympathies, with those crockpots and fools whose lack of intelligence and creativity is still the best guarantee of their loyalty.”

Hannah Arendt

I have never been fired from any job. I have not done anything wrong. And no, I am not guilty. I am an unemployed scientist because I am too honest. That should alarm you because there should be no such thing, especially now that we are in a pandemic that has become endemic globally.

Until about 5 years ago, I did what they said, except for lying, cheating, stealing, or killing people. I did not say anything bad about my former employers. I kept quiet about injustices committed against me. I have been blamed for my long-term unemployment while the mostly men and a few women who are responsible are enjoying dignity and the spoils of their exploitation. So now I am telling my stories because I have been unemployed so long that there is no longer any reason to be quiet. Besides, staying quiet is lying by omission. I have a duty to report to my fellow citizens what I have experienced working in science because it affects you, too.

This chapter of my story shows how organizations, such as healthcare organizations, that purport to be noble, and whose very existence depends on patients’ trust that they are indeed noble, have become so corrupt as to expel and silence honesty and righteousness.

Incredible stories of events leading up to this chapter (Medical Mold and Eugenics Therapy) show how the more you get screwed, the more you get screwed in a corrupt and evil system. Here I am using “screwed” in the informal sense, meaning in a difficult or hopeless situation; ruined or broken. It is definitely true in the world of science that the more you get screwed, the more you get screwed because you are totally dependent on references, connections and networking to get and keep jobs, no matter what your track record is in terms of objective and verifiable achievements. Even if you succeed, even if you work miracles in terms of objective metrics such as getting your work published in respectable peer-reviewed journals and/or being an inventor on a patent(s) in record time, merit is made meaningless by favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism when it comes to getting and keeping a job.

Loyalty and following orders without questioning are valued above all. Sound like the military? There is a reason for that. Many of our doctors are military men who got their medical degrees by serving in the Army, for example. And do not ever forget that the original goal of medical doctors in military service was to return soldiers quickly to the battlefield during war. Whereas philosophical doctors (PhDs) are supposed to be the ones who ask questions. Therefore, it seems to defeat the purpose of PhDs to have them working for medical doctors (MDs) who cannot be challenged.

When people find out that I have PTSD, they ask me if I served in the war. While I did not sign up for the military, unfortunately I worked as a scientist for some of those who did. They are mostly men. Women still constitute a minority of STEM workers. They run their labs like the military: top-down, don’t question orders, don’t even speak unless granted permission, and there are NO problems or issues that need to be addressed. This management style is not conducive to creativity or innovation which require discussion and brain-storming and collaboration.

Medical schools select for selfish narcissists because they make the most money for the greedy healthcare system. Whereas the money flow is interrupted by doctors who actually care about their patients, especially the ones whose houses get taken and families bankrupted to pay for their treatments, however ineffective. Doctors who care too much might even be compelled to help prevent diseases, like cancer, rather than simply profiting from administering treatments. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (I mean treatment, since a patient cured is money lost).

Organizations value loyalty and group mind more than truth and merit because they would rather cover up their crimes than solve their problems. The more merit loses in an organization, the more merit loses in an organization until there is little or no truth left. The way the system is set up, it is inevitable that the cheaters will win. But there is no comfort in loyalty to the devil. Just look at the opioid epidemic as a current example of ineptitude and corruption of our regulatory system and financially strained academic medical centers that could not prevent the crisis that has cost countless lives and caused destruction to the whole society. It took lawyers to expose and bring to light the corruption behind the epidemic. Your governments have already insured that those lawyers will not be available in the event that vaccines cause any damage, let alone death.

I tried to get a job as a Plant Protection and Quarantine Officer, a USA federal job at the international airport. I had to study and take a test to apply for the job. I was so excited when I received the phone call from my potential boss letting me know that I was the #1 candidate for the job. But he did not have to hire the #1 candidate. He could choose from among the top three candidates. But he wanted #4. He promised me that he would not hire me anyway because I was over-qualified and should get a job commensurate with my education. He asked me to remove myself from the list of applicants so that #4 would become #3 and he could hire them. While I agreed to let him have his way, I do not think it is right for false leaders to hold back true leaders because they are threatened by them in their own minds.

In spite of years of successful work experience, my ex-husband, Michael, and I could only get temporary jobs as postdoctoral research fellows. The federal funding for postdoctoral researchers is intended to be used as training grants, but I wasn’t trained. I was the one who did the training since I was one of the world’s foremost experts at new technologies stemming from the human genome project, such as looking at differential gene expression. The medical doctor (MD) who was my boss is an orthopedic surgeon, not a molecular biologist, let alone an expert on the subject of differential gene expression for which he received a grant. He wrote a review paper on the subject and then he was awarded a grant worth millions of dollars. That way he could temporarily hire experts like me to generate the data he wanted. My boss had no ability to train people in the technology for which he was awarded a grant, so how is this training and not exploitation?

Instead, I, the expert, should have been the one running the laboratory. Then maybe all the experiments would not have gotten completely screwed up. During graduate school and previous postdoctoral research positions, my ex and I achieved everything they said we had to in order to get our own laboratory one day to work on our ideas instead of someone else’s. But that promise turned out to be a lie. The liars would rather have young scientists work for them while getting paid temporarily with money that is supposed to be for training, not exploitation. But there aren’t enough jobs. Those who already have their own laboratory would rather use young scientists, especially women and people they can subjugate due to their immigration status, than share pieces of the funding pie with them so they can have their own labs and be competitors.

What was supposed to be a fresh start ended my career in science, even though I was extremely successful.

As part of our orientation for our new jobs, the human resources people threatened us that if we filed any complaint, it would stay in our file forever. They gave sexual harassment as an example. The human resources employees in any organization do not represent the employees or the truth. They represent the organization and themselves. They have no authority and they are not on your side. In fact, I talked to human resources before publishing this article to get the organization’s input, but they just triggered my PTSD with their condescending and adversarial passive aggressive style and then ignored me after that, even though they said they would get back to me. People even joke about how disgusting the culture of the whole state is because it is not nice at all. Passive aggressive is still aggressive. Oppression and denial are still violence, especially when it comes to peoples’ livelihoods. Nevertheless, we invite any institutions and individuals who have become subject matters of this blog to show any inaccuracies and what they have done to prevent their mistakes from happening again.

On our first day of work at our new jobs, our new boss reneged on almost everything we had agreed to. Even before we started our new jobs, we were suddenly informed of a significant decrease in our pay. It was really stressful because we were in the middle of selling the home we had in another city and buying a new house in a new city to start a new job, all at our own expense and under the control of some unscrupulous real estate agents. We were buying a house because we were promised at least 4 years of work to be compensated by salaries that were agreed upon in writing and used to obtain the loan for our new house. We also wanted to start a family. Michael was really upset when he saw the carpenter job postings at the medical center because they were paid more than we were paid given the number of hours we worked. And that is not even taking into account all the years of uncompensated training we suffered to be able to do the things we know how to do, which are scientific experiments at the molecular level designed to create new knowledge beneficial to life. Unfortunately, greed and corruption ruined the ideal of science.

False promises by military men remind me of the Dakota 38. The Native Americans were promised food and shelter as part of their treaty for letting the settlers come, but the U.S. government reneged on their promises. A few of the younger generation got upset because they and their families were starving for over a year while the US government was withholding their food and supplies from a full storehouse that was supposed to be for the Native Americans. Four young Native Americans killed 5 white settlers in effort to get their food and started a war. Even though it was a war, President Abraham Lincoln executed 38 Dakotas on December 26, 1862 in Mankato, MN. This is why I constantly preach that non-violence is the way to win these fights. We will fight injustices with truth and righteousness, and NOT violence.

It turned out that the four years of money we were promised was largely spent already. We couldn’t even buy a calculator. It was just another unfunded mandate to create, discover, invent with no money or resources. Like Rapunzel, spin gold out of straw. But we tried.

Unfortunately, it smelled like sewer gas at the lab benches my ex and I were assigned to. When we complained to our boss, he became angry – at us for complaining! The lab manager would usually arrive first to the laboratory and spray toxic air freshener around to cover up the smell. He really did not appreciate it when we caught him in the act and asked him to help solve the underlying problem rather than making things even worse by trying unsuccessfully to cover up the toxic fumes with more toxic fumes. No one would help us and the headaches grew worse to the point where my ex and I had to get to the bottom of it.

We pestered the maintenance people regularly. Finally, they got peppermint oil from the cafeteria and used a hose to pour it into a drain in a place where the smell would only come into our laboratory room if there was a leak behind the wall. Sure enough, we smelled peppermint. They finally cut a small hole in the laboratory wall and discovered that the glass (yes, glass!) sewer pipe was broken and leaking sewer gas right next to our work bench, just behind the wallboard. No wonder they assigned those benches to us because that was where the smell was the worst all day and night long. When the problem was finally solved, instead of apologies and admission that we were right, we got hated even more.

You might wonder why glass drain pipes were used in a biomedical research building. That was so that the acids, bases, toxic chemicals and radiation poured down the drain would not damage the plumbing on its way to the river that runs through many towns on its way to the mighty Mississippi river to be drinking water for those downstream. I wonder how many cancers and diseases have been caused by the scientific research waste, including radioactive and biohazardous materials as well as chemical and physical hazards like contaminated syringes dumped all over the planet with the justification of finding treatments for the very maladies they are causing?

I guess that is what you can expect in a divided and conquered society where people are competing against each other instead of forming nurturing communities or workplaces. The “divide and conquer” strategy benefits the richest and most powerful members of society because dividing and conquering people makes it easier to control and exploit them. So why do people go along with it? Main reasons include fear and the fact that people want to be rich = evil.

With the sewer gas finally cleared from the lab, I was able to think and work better. I figured out that most of the laboratory’s budget had already been spent on extremely expensive experiments hastily performed by unqualified technicians and their overseers.

The boss had arranged to obtain tissue samples of cancers that had been surgically removed from patients and that were annotated (meaning that we were supposed to know a lot about the samples, such as the conditions and outcomes of the patients from whom the samples had been obtained). Unfortunately, the annotations were insufficient in a way that could not be fixed, not even by a gifted bottle of old scotch to the surgeon who had taken them out of the clinic’s patients. But in the end the annotations did not matter anyway because the tissue samples were already destroyed before they could even be analyzed.

The tissue samples were mishandled, allowing them to thaw partially and degrade. Tissue samples are more stable when quickly and properly frozen to extremely low temperatures (e.g., -70 degrees C). Transporting tissue samples without destroying them is very tricky. Unfortunately, in this case, a technician who probably did not know any better and would not listen, transported the tissues carelessly on ice (wet ice is not cold enough and dry ice is needed) from surgery to our laboratory, allowing them to thaw at least partially and degrade. Degraded signals cannot be measured accurately.

Perhaps the worst mistake the technician made was the extreme inconsistency with which different tissue samples were treated. For example, she took her time making her way across campus more on some days than others. She was a smoker, so while she was coming across the smoke-free medical center campus she would stop in a smoking zone on the way. She had been working at the institution for a long time and had a lot of friends there. If she ran into someone she knew on the way, the tissues might have waited while the employees gossiped. The tissues were treated so inconsistently that any observed differences between them were most likely due to differences in how they were handled rather than any inherent differences in biology.

So, the tissue samples were at least partially degraded by the time they even reached the laboratory. After that, they were subjected to RNA (ribonucleic acid) isolation by another incompetent technician who was very difficult to communicate with since she did not speak English well and I did not speak Chinese at all. She used antiquated and sloppy methods that were actually designed to isolate large, not small, quantities of RNA.

After isolating RNA from tissues, you are supposed to check the integrity of the isolated RNA before attempting to analyze that RNA in an experiment. The reason for this is because RNA is known to be extremely labile. That means it is easy to destroy and great lengths must be taken to prevent its destruction during the extraction process. It takes a perfectionist like myself to master the skill. Most people who work with RNA know these things, but with an MD who wouldn’t listen in charge of the lab, any educational opportunities were on deaf ears.

I hated breaking it to our boss that the tissue samples were destroyed because he was extremely, chronically ill. Even worse, his technicians, under the supervision of the PhD scientist that he had put in charge of his laboratory oversight, did not even realize that they had destroyed the tissues and their contents. Or maybe the visa status and/or large home of that PhD scientist helped him to look the other way? Either way, degraded RNAs were analyzed on super expensive Affymetrix microarray chips designed to study differential gene expression between different samples. Based on observed differences between samples, hypotheses are created to explain the differences and justify further studies to first confirm the differences and then investigate their significance.

It is funny how people think that their brain and body are somehow disconnected so that their body can be horribly ill while, they think, their brain can be well. Is the brain not a part of the body? Our boss had a liver transplant, even though it is contraindicated for cancer in an old man. Someone else should have gotten that liver. But rules were broken and exceptions made for a former U.S. Army Ranger turned orthopedic surgeon.

Our boss was obviously taking drugs to prevent transplant rejection that dampened down his immune system so much that there were often large sores on his balding head and corresponding negative changes in mood and demeanor. But he still saw patients. His wife, may she rest in peace, told us that the city we were living and working in had no soul, and I think she meant the people comprising the city.

The grant money was spent (wasted) on experiments performed incorrectly and without proper oversight at multiple levels. No error could be admitted. The money was gone and could not be recovered. The tissue samples were also gone and could not be recovered.

I could not make up a story (lie) to go along with the data that I knew were garbage because they were analyses of degraded tissues and RNAs. For me, the only choice was to find another job.

But there was a bioinformatician in our laboratory who told us that he was here in the USA from India because Americans did not want to do science. He analyzed the garbage data and made a story out of it that got him a job working at a prestigious research institute on the west coast.

Unfortunately, I did not get to escape the orthopedics department without being forced to do animal research, even though we had agreed with our boss before taking the job that there would be no more animal research for us. Orthopedic animal research is the worst of the worst. Heinous. But then one day the boss ordered us to the lab at 5:00 am to help perform experiments on rats. We had a mortgage to pay, so we showed up. And I have never been able to sleep right again after that experience. Even though I outdid two surgeons that day and even made one of them cry because my hands were faster and better at closing incisions than theirs in spite of their years of experience, all in all it was still one of the worst days of my life. If you must know more, I warn you that this sick animal research story we were forced to participate in may haunt you to the point of affecting your sleep for ever after. If you still must know, then you will find the story soon at myspiritualassociation.com where I post things that children may not be able to handle.

I had been promised one job for at least 4 years, but I was scrambling to find another job in the first year. Luckily there was a political initiative using millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money in an attempt to create 10,000 new jobs in biotechnology and medical genomics. I got another postdoctoral position for one year in another laboratory at the same institution to work on biomarker discovery. Unfortunately, if any new jobs were ever created, there definitely wasn’t one for me, even though I was incredibly, miraculously successful!

During my second job at the same medical center, I actually got to do most of the experiments myself, comparing normal tissues to tissues at different stages of prostate cancer. The experiments were almost perfect, except for a mistake made by a technician in the core facility when I had to ask her to do something she knew how to do because I simply could not stay awake any longer because I was so sleep deprived. The experiments were so successful that I published a peer-reviewed paper on my methods that is highly cited by other scientists. A lot of people who did not contribute to this work put their names on my paper, and many scientific journals have since called for an end to this type of abuse and lying.

My boss for this second job at the institution told me to analyze the microarray data, even though that was his job since he is a bioinformatician and I needed the time to find another job since my one-year contract was almost over. But I did what he told me to do, and my analysis of the data got me excited about a signal corresponding to a tyrosine kinase. I could not wait to confirm this result. But my boss said “no” because tyrosine kinases were already known to be involved in cancer and he wanted to discover something new. Unfortunately, it turned out that that tyrosine kinase was a fusion protein (totally new) and a large, competing laboratory got credited for the major discovery. I kept in contact with my boss even after my job ended, and in the midst of a party, he had the nerve to try and blame me for getting scooped when it was his decision.

After that funding expired, I ended up writing the resulting patent of my work at my next job, yet my former boss refused to acknowledge me as an inventor because, he said, I left. That is not how the law works, I tried to tell him, but the lawyers I worked for at the law firm went along with their client and refused to list me as an inventor. Therefore, I am more than willing to talk to anyone who would like to discuss the inventorship of the issued patents.

Yes, all the incompetent employees got to stay and keep their jobs and we didn’t. We would have accepted any of those technician jobs just to stay and have a life and a family. But the incompetent people got to stay and we got to leave and find other jobs. Why is that? I thought this was supposed to be a meritocracy because that is what it purports to be.

Loyalty matters more than competence to the guilty, but there is no comfort in being loyal to the devil.

It is exceedingly clear to me now that I was ousted into another hostile job because I know too much. The organization would rather throw out one of their best scientists than admit that they had problems. For example, I found out that not just my first boss, but most of the medical doctor researchers were in such a hurry to get their Affymetrix microarray data that analyses of degraded RNAs seemed to be the rule rather than the exception. This was especially true since they could easily get away with lying and making up stories out of garbage data because massive quantities of data were generated no matter whether the experiments were done properly or not. It would take a lot more time and money to sort out truths from lies. And that was the biggest attraction to the biggest losers, like flies on shit.

My ex-husband was told by another researcher at the same institution to lie. Since the funding we were promised was already spent, my ex had to find another job, too. He landed a job interview with a researcher whose office was filled with Spiderman memorabilia. That laboratory was also looking at differential gene expression. When Michael asked about how they had checked the quality of the RNA that was analyzed to generate the data that he would be using if he got the job, the researcher told him that he should do the same as his last trainee: she just went through the data, found something interesting, made a story out of it and got a job at the same institution.

Another reason my ex-husband was looking for another job was because he was told by our MD boss to illegally access patient information. Without knowing patient outcomes, the samples he had been working with were useless. Our boss did not plan to comply with the HIPAA laws that are supposed to protect patient privacy. So, he logged into his computer and sat my ex down and said to get the records he needed, and my ex said “no” to violating HIPAA laws. At that point, he knew that he had to leave, too.

After I discovered widespread problems of RNAs being degraded through improper handling that were analyzed anyway, I went to my superiors. I offered to replace the obviously incompetent head of the core facility that was set up as a resource that was used to obtain USA federal funding for these grants. What I deserved for my brilliance and accomplishments and excellence was to have my own independent research laboratory in which to do great things. Even though I was overqualified for the position, I offered to fill the long-felt yet unmet need at the organization for a competent scientist to be in charge of the core facility that helps other scientists with their experiments that are funded by USA federal tax dollars. I was even willing to serve more time as a postdoctoral researcher just to keep my house and my career as a scientist.

It is not surprising that the organization chose to cover up its problems rather than solve them. Such a system will inevitably fail the people it exists to serve. While the institution prides itself on its three arms of research, education and clinical practice, all three arms failed me miserably. I was only exploited as a researcher, not trained. I was punished for succeeding.

Perhaps worst of all, I was misdiagnosed as having endometriosis.

Because of that misdiagnosis, I was later unable to get health insurance because of the alleged preexisting condition. Not only did the misdiagnosis prolong my pain and suffering for years, it also prevented me from having children as my husband was unwilling to try when he learned of my diagnosis. My husband knew there was no way we could work the way we did and get through all the treatments and miscarriages that are typical for pregnancy with endometriosis. Years later, I ended up having a hysterectomy due to uterine fibroids, and there was no endometriosis.

The worst thing about a one-year contract is that you have to look for a new job while you are trying to succeed at your current job with insufficient time, especially for science, to achieve enough to get your next position. I tried hard to get another job, but what happened next confirmed that the organization made its choice to cover up its crimes instead of repenting, fixing its problems and being the leader that it purports to be.

I ended up at the law firm that the institution uses to claim, protect, and defend its intellectual property (i.e., patents). The law firm along with my former employer exploited me almost to death writing so many new patents on new technologies at a fraction of the going rate. I was overworked so much that I only got about 4 hours of sleep per night during the week. On Friday nights, after all the stress and coffee, I could not get to sleep unless I drank enough alcohol to make me sick. I worked every weekend and I did not get vacation except for a few days over Thanksgiving about one month before my father died unexpectedly. Thank God I finally refused to work over Thanksgiving so that I could spend a little time with him, even though I was so tired that I slept a lot of the time. During my two years working there, I was hospitalized twice from being overworked, abused, sleep-deprived (a form of brain washing) and stressed out from all the drop-dead deadlines that were nearly impossible to meet. Before electronic filing, we hurried from the office downtown to the post office at the airport to file papers before midnight. I could write more about the reasons for the urgency and stress, but it would sound crazy to normal people.

After my father died, I quit because he was so worried about me on his deathbed. Now I have PTSD and I believe that my work experiences contributed significantly to my nervous system damage. The lawyers I worked for told me that lawyers don’t give job references. They definitely had a reference when I got my job because I was connected to them through the network I had established at the medical center. Organizations that require references but then do not give them are reprehensible. I have so much more to share about my experiences working for lawyers that showed me how they keep their stereotype of being the scumbags who help create and defend evil.

Why is there so much corruption? I think a main reason is that failure is not an option. Metrics for scientists include peer-reviewed publications; positions of prestige, money, and power; numbers of subjugates; patents; awards and other indications of popularity. Failure is not an option. No one can admit when they are wrong because after only a few wrongs, you will lose your research funding quickly and you will be out in the street with nothing to eat. If you get scooped (i.e., a competitor publishes your discovery before you do), then you are finished. The more value your research has, the more it attracts power, greed, and the greatest deceivers who can lie and steal from others while looking them in the eyes.

There aren’t enough good jobs for all the people in the world, especially scientists. Employers can abuse employees knowing that they have no choice but to endure the abuse because they cannot get another job. There have been only one to a few new jobs for “biologist” in the weekly LinkedIn job search in my greater metro area of nearly 3 million people, and the same is true for “microbiologist.” Sometimes the same job is listed many times. Yet how many new graduates are there each semester with degrees in biology and microbiology? I know I waited tables with so many women with degrees in biology that I chose chemistry as my undergraduate major.

I personally know many PhD scientists who are under-and unemployed. For example, I know too many “consultants” who are looking for projects to consult on while they are long-term unemployed. I know of a PhD molecular biologist who is selling software. There is a biochemist in our neighborhood who is doing home remodeling. One of the most brilliant scientists I know worked in technology transfer to figure out how to sell other people’s inventions rather than inventing himself (no wonder the economy sucks). I have neighbors with degrees in biology, one of whom is doing background checks and the other analyzes data for a dental insurance company. The most brilliant PhD and inventor I know is teaching anatomy at a community college where teachers do not need to have a Master’s degree let alone a PhD degree. I also know countless lawyers and patent agents who were once scientists. I know a PhD physicist and a PhD mathematician who are long-term unemployed, even though there is supposedly a need for people educated in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). I know of another PhD microbiologist like myself who has been teaching fitness classes and a PhD immunologist who has been unemployed almost as long as I have. During my long-term unemployment, I have volunteered a lot. I also blog and sell soap (check out the shop) in addition to teaching Zumba dance fitness classes (MarieKube.Zumba.com).

Boomers always promised us that we would get jobs eventually when they retired, but (1) they don’t retire and (2) they prefer to hire “recent graduates” rather than proven competence. It is a matter of control. Younger people who do not know as much, who are not as experienced, who still believe all the lies are easier to control by people who are in charge of more than they should be. Sadly, when organizations fail, they almost always blame the victims rather than the “leaders” who are responsible.

After WWII, soldiers came home to no jobs because the women had taken over while they were gone. See, even back then there weren’t enough jobs. So, the GI Bill was created to send men to college to learn how to “manage” these women. Soldiers of color were not eligible for the GI Bill along with anyone else who did not fit into the privileged and mostly upper class “way of doing things” that is really simply just valuing money more than people and their dependents.

Since there aren’t enough jobs, especially jobs that pay a living wage, why not be an entrepreneur and start your own business? So many of us are trying and discovering all the barriers to success relentlessly planted by big businesses along with our governments over the decades. If the wealthy people cannot control and exploit it, then it cannot exist in their world. Notably, it is really difficult to get exposure and there is an obvious lack of places for people to sell their goods, especially if they are not already wealthy and privileged. For example, there used to be a shop in the city where I live for local arts and crafts to be featured, but now there isn’t. There used to be a marketplace for small businesses, but now it is full of healthcare businesses. Our enormous state fairgrounds are empty most of the year, and I have asked the small business development center for flea markets every weekend for all the people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic and started their own businesses. But the big businesses have successfully killed the competition of small businesses with the help of our government.

Who is subsidizing all the empty commercial properties that could be used to sell local, handmade arts and crafts? A vacancy tax on all the enormous, empty spaces with high ceilings that are wasting our fossil fuels day and night would fill these spaces up with people doing business from one day to the next. In spite of all the “For Lease” signs everywhere, the prices and terms must still be unaffordable for new small businesses. Meanwhile the cities have been bending over to big corporations putting people in gig jobs that are not steady enough to pay rent, let alone a mortgage.

How can there be truth when there is no oversight authority? What truly independent authority exists to oversee that science is what it claims to be? There is no independent authority because money is power and the rich control the poor.

Honesty cannot win against cheating when the system favors the cheaters through money = power. Money and power are the prime motivators for organizations in the USA, not truth or righteousness or caring about others, even if those are the reasons why the organization purportedly exists.

The system has selected for the cheaters and allowed them to win money and power. Oversight has turned into the fox in charge of the henhouse. Yet the unrighteous system benefits from the trust of the public. As the public suffers consequences of the corruption, like the COVID-19 pandemic, the trust unravels. And it becomes harder for the rich and powerful to force everyone to bend to their will. Even if they (rich = powerful people) ask you to do something illegal, that is not a justifiable reason for saying “no,” in their opinion. The pandemic has just made all these facts more visible to more people.

Too many people have had their dignity, self-esteem, state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect, stolen by greed and corruption. Those who still think the system is working for them do not care enough for those who have been left out because we are all competitors the way the game called the economy has been set up.  Many people around me who see a competitor fail cannot help but be glad, especially if they are, I mean were, a worthy competitor, and especially if they gain from someone else’s loss. Many people already understand the limitations of this sort of selection process over time. The cheaters will win. That is why so many people do not trust completely novel COVID-19 vaccines, especially with blanket protection for the vaccine makers against liability.

Soon everyone will see that the hospitals are full, again, in spite of all the claims that the vaccines are effective and safe. It does not make sense to blame unvaccinated people when (1) our leaders have claimed that most people are fully vaccinated, and (2) fully vaccinated people are dying and have been dying. It does not make sense to claim that things would be even worse without the vaccine when the pandemic is only getting worse and not better, in spite of the vaccine. It doesn’t make sense to try and force everyone in the USA to get vaccinated when anyone can travel to and from countries that do not even have vaccines. Any countries not requiring vaccinated people to wear masks help ensure that the virus will keep mutating around any vaccines that get made.

What about all the people who are suffering long-term consequences, e.g., myocarditis or inflammation of the heart, from being vaccinated? The risks associated with the vaccines certainly did not outweigh the potential benefits for all the people who have been killed and maimed by the vaccines. Over 1000 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis have been verified so far, out of more than 2000 reported cases and there are 10,483 reports of death among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/adverse-events.html). I wonder how their dependents are being taken care of.

The fact that the COVID-19 vaccines have caused inflammation of the heart, even in young people, has been downplayed, especially any potential long-term consequences. Those types of acute injuries are known to progress to heart failure in the context of more than one type of cancer treatment. Is any research being funded to monitor these children and adults? Who will pay for the years of treatments required to slow this expensive and deadly disease of heart failure? Who will take care of the victims who have been damaged since the vaccine manufacturers have been protected against liability by our government that is supposed to represent us, not just a few rich corporations? And if you think that unvaccinated people are risking your health, then I hope that you are wearing an N95 or better mask in public regardless of your vaccination status because the vaccines do not appear to be as effective against the Omicron variant, based on human experience reported in South Africa. Denying facts will not protect anyone from the truth.

The problem with estimating efficacy of the vaccine, or showing whether or not it works, is that the companies reporting the results have a conflict-of-interest worth tens of billions of dollars. Our regulatory agencies are our government which has given blanket protection to the vaccine makers against any liability. So, if there are long-term consequences, those individual people will have to pay themselves (or potentially die a bad death). The government’s vaccine liability program is very limited, so the compensation will have to come from other sources like personal savings and personal health insurance coverage. Once vaccine victims are too sick to work and lose their health insurance, then the route is bankruptcy and a bad death. Also, the follow-up time for monitoring people for side effects after being vaccinated is ridiculously short. The whole system is overseen by the same government agencies that watched the opioid crisis unfold despite warnings from countless doctors, scientists, victims and their families.

The following adverse reactions have been identified during postmarketing use of COMIRNATY, the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, including under Emergency Use Authorization:

  • Cardiac Disorders: myocarditis, pericarditis
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders: diarrhea, vomiting
  • Immune System Disorders: severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis [which can cause death], and other hypersensitivity reactions (e.g., rash, pruritus, urticaria, angioedema)
  • Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Disorders: pain in extremity (arm)

“Because these reactions are reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is not always possible to reliably estimate their frequency or establish a causal relationship to vaccine exposure,” wrote Pfizer on the package insert of its vaccine. https://www.fda.gov/media/151707/download

Report any adverse events to your healthcare provider or to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System at 1-800-822-7967 and www.vaers.hhs.gov. I wonder what gets done with these reports, and whether or not there are over-worked, threatened employees working in a top-down military style management structure making sure they only find what they are allowed to find. As long as you never look for something, then you can say it doesn’t exist because you haven’t found any evidence that it does. Nevertheless, it is important for everyone who thinks they may have been injured by vaccination to report their adverse events in case it turns out that any fraud is involved and the blanket liability protection provided by your governments to the vaccine manufacturers is thrown out.

As I already warned you, COVID-19 vaccination is the biggest human experiment ever that I know of, and the least monitored. Someday I may even write about the origins of COVID-19, especially if our leaders blame the wrong people or leave out some of the responsible ones. There are many molecular biologists like myself that can read scientific papers and nucleic acid sequences deposited in the databank in January of 2020 and can see exactly how this all came about. Hint: it is NOT just one country.

You really have to wonder what the fate will be of all those unnaturally stabilized nucleic acids injected into the bodies of vaccinated people. They will not degrade like the body’s normal nucleic acids. They are stabilized against degradation. So, where do the stabilized nucleic acid templates end up in the human body? Asbestos causes cancer years to decades later simply because the body cannot eliminate it.

There used to be new and innovative places with forward-thinking people to live and work with. In those days, the economy was much better. But now greed has taken over on its relentless quest to oppress and control the true leaders until every living thing is dead. It is like the devil wanting to destroy all of God’s creation. There is nowhere left to flee, but what I can do is publish my stories online to raise awareness. I cannot afford to pay a lawyer to fight my battles. Besides, the institution that wrongfully ended my career as a scientist and misdiagnosed my health problems controls the courts in the whole county such that almost nobody wins, according to an attorney who works for the institution.

This is just a call to wake up out of your oppressed slumber at this most critical time when our leaders have screwed up so badly that a shift in the balance of power is inevitable.

I am here to say that you can’t have it both ways – carrying out criminal acts while enjoying lives of dignity as pillars of society. The path to salvation requires repentance. That means admitting wrongdoing and being sorry about it, so sorry that the wrongdoing ceases. That is the path to salvation and everlasting life.

Potential solutions to the hell that we live and work in now:

Independent auditors are needed for science, similar to Certified Public Accountants. As taxpayers, we should be demanding independent oversight. Even the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is conflicted because it is difficult or impossible to admit when one gives funding to a loser or a fraud.

In the meantime, the False Claims Act could be used to investigate whether or not my former employer has fixed any of their policies or procedures that we alerted them about nearly two decades ago, especially since time has proven that we were right about so many important things that affect us all. We predict that there will be a boom time for under- and unemployed attorneys to go after cases like this under the False Claims Act. But then again, there are already tons of un- and underemployed lawyers, so the problem must lie with the courts and judges being more under the influence of those with power and money. This needs to change so that the judges give more preference to the party with less money and power.

There should be at least as much funding for independent research into safety (for people, environment, animals, water, etc.) as gets spent by corporations for marketing, internal research (which in a corrupt organization is biased and conflicted and in denial of safety issues) and legal defense for new technologies and products, especially ones that aren’t recyclable or essential. Otherwise, there is little to no chance that safety issues see the light (until after patents expire).

To attract investors, companies should be allowed exclusivity, at least regionally, if they have renewable, sustainable, recyclable services or products, even if they aren’t patentable.

If you want healthier lives for yourself and your offspring, then we need to take action now to:

  • Ban the cancer-causing weedkiller Roundup glyphosate and all its relatives.
  • Clean up forever chemicals, PFAS, from our water supplies (these chemicals have now been found in chicken eggs).
  • Stop cutting down all the trees and grow hemp.
  • Grow food instead of toxic chemical lawns.
  • Clean up the messes we have already made before even considering new ones.
  • Stop wasting fossil fuels.
  • Stop polluting.
  • Value truth as the only righteous authority.
  • Stop overpopulating the earth.
  • Stop shitting in the water.
  • Stop building mansions in farm fields. The population has been growing while the farmlands have been decreasing. We need food to eat, especially since, even in the richest country, 20% or more of children do not have enough to eat.
  • Stop using our resources on trips to space when we have so many problems to address here on earth.
  • Protect whistle blowers from retaliation; especially foreign workers need protection from deportation and should be allowed to work anywhere in the country so that their visa status cannot be used as a threat to keep them quiet, or worse, prevent them from testifying against their employers.

This story is dedicated to all the honest and hard-working medical professionals and scientists who are suffering so much now that the system is overrun by greed.

May the truth create workplaces that are healthier and happier for everyone so that those employers can actually do what the organizations claim that they are doing.

Love, Marie



Mary posing in front of the old entrance to Saint Mary’s Hospital at Christmastime.

2 thoughts on “How Corruption in Science has Affected Me and You

  1. Dr. Michael G. Klug, Ph.D. says:

    I shared this article on LinkedIn and it seemed to have triggered some defensiveness by a Senior Vice President of Global Laboratory Operations of a company who medical device companies outsource to. What do you think? Below is the comment and my replies.

    “While it is important to do the best science possible to support the health of all of us, there is not a single scientific analysis that is 100% perfect in the data it produces to model impacts to human health. I know hundreds of scientists on both the testing and device development that pour their souls in to their work to do the best thing possible. It is disappointing to see all of that demeaned.”

    Here are my 3 replies to the above:

    Obviously you missed the point about the tolerance for corruption, lying, and cronyism that is so obviously dominating the business culture in America. Pointing that out should not be demeaning to the scientists suffering while trying to do what they were trained and hired to do. If you believe that there are any truly honest scientific places to work, then let’s bring in a truly independent CPA-like group of scientific auditors to see it.

    Maybe on the service side you don’t see it as much-other than the low budgets and skimpy pre-clinical research? I worked in 2 big, global pharmaceutical companies and was involved in the planning and actualization of the outsourcing for several different projects. Even internally there were blinders and off limits areas for safety studies. Vendors with recent downsizing and/or mergers were always more than willing to bend and do whatever they were told. Does that mean that there were not mostly honest, hard working scientists there? No, and I am certain that most are out of the decision making loops unless they are “loyal” to the $$$ as the most important aspect when making decisions.

    The trend toward outsourcing can also be explained. Besides the obvious savings on employee benefits, salaries and retirement, I know for a fact that internal safety people would go ahead and run “deprioritized” studies whenever they had downtime. Conversely even if a contract research organization knew enough about potential safety issues to propose studies, they are NEVER going to do them unless the contractor agrees to pay them. Right?

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