Instructions for Helping to Improve the Human Condition


The “Instructions for Helping to Improve the Human Condition” provide a journey into the spiritual realm from a non-religious, scientifically-trained perspective. Techniques involving hypnosis can lead to greater self understanding and fulfillment. Positive energies can successfully overcome negative. 71 pages

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In the human experience, there is suffering, frustration, hardship, even unbearable misery. All is not right in the world. We feel helpless, but we are not. There is work to be done. With beneficial intentions and an open mind, we can learn how to mitigate negative forces by connecting with higher energies and positive forces. No drugs, no mind-altering substances of any kind are involved. No religious affiliation is required or excluded. It is simply a matter of accessing a part of our brain functioning that most people are not consciously aware of, an altered state of consciousness.

Altered state of consciousness is a mental state, which can be induced, that bypasses the conscious mind, allowing access to selective thinking in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is one’s perception of the world. The subconscious mind is one’s inner perception of oneself, the pathway to the universal mind. Induction into altered state of consciousness means switching from ordinary mental activity into experiencing of the inner, subconscious mind. Altered state of consciousness can also be described as a little vacation from the world.

Induction into altered state of consciousness has been shown to be safe and effective with a variety of therapeutic uses, such as controlling pain, without drugs or side effects.

Characteristics of the altered state can include more accurate and active sensory perceptions, heightened logic, enhanced concentration, heightened awareness, and extraordinary memory. Being in altered state of consciousness can feel familiar and peaceful. One can feel calm, passive, detached from worldly concerns, and relieved to have a break from usual concerns. Muscles, nerves, and mind can relax. Breathing can be deep. Time can seem to slow down or speed up. It may seem like a dream. One may be surprised by a new perception or reach new levels of understanding. Altered state of consciousness is a very individual experience. It can be a gateway to connecting with positive and beneficial energies.

We can make life better for ourselves and others, and we can keep it that way. The following information is given to prepare you and help you connect with higher, positive energies.

At the most basic level, lives can be changed by saying out loud something like:

“I reject the negative energy. I request that my life and the lives of others be filled with more positive energy.”

Often the results of this statement may be subtle or fleeting at first, but with more practice and repetition and eventually more understanding, positive life changes can be transformative.

If you want to experience the truth for yourself, then read the following information in the order presented, think about it, and then, when you are ready, follow the step-by-step instructions.

You do not have to, and indeed you should not, believe anyone but yourself when it comes to matters so important.

List of sections comprising this book:

The Debate about Good versus Evil
Free Will
What it Means to Choose Darkness
What it Means to Choose Light
What Happens if You Choose Darkness
Dark Ones
Spirit Attachment
Attached Dark One
Self-Protection (with reasons that contracts with the dark side can be voided)
Attached Earthbound
Multiple Attachments
Spirit Releasement
Remote Spirit Releasement
Description of the Procedures for Performing Service
Example Procedures for Direct Spirit Releasement from an Individual, Performing Service, and/or Clearing Locations of Entities
Example Procedures for Remote Spirit Releasement

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