Empower women with basal thermometers, please!

Most Favored Readers,

I have figured out how to empower women all over the world, and I need your help because time is running out.  I think we need to get a basal thermometer to every woman of child-bearing age in the whole world before the fossil fuel era collapses completely.  Please allow me to explain, and I promise to be as brief (and entertaining) as possible.  It is about sex, so I hope that helps.  I do love you, I hope you know.


Environmental damage, squandering of natural resources, cutting down too many trees, overpopulation and unbridled greed are factors in the demise of doomed societies.  Clearly, this world is well on its way.  We have become completely dependent on fossil fuels and peak oil is rapidly disappearing in the rear-view mirror.  In just hundreds of years, we have burned up millions of years’ worth of fossil fuels.  In fact, the low-hanging fruits have been harvested and what is left is harder to get.  We are at the point where our drinking water, required for life, is being risked by unnecessary, leaky, crude oil pipelines and fracking in the futile attempt to fill our insatiable consumption.  Insanity has taken over.  Our environment has become so polluted that society can no longer bear the cost of all the consequent sicknesses.  We must transition back to a sustainable way of life, and the remaining fossil fuels are best used for this purpose (see “Weaning Ourselves from Fossil Fuels” blog post on http://www.myspiritualassociation.com).

Our unsustainable way of life is collapsing with the rapacious exploitation of all natural resources.  It is time to think about what we need to take forward, and I contend that the basal thermometer cause is worthy.  With a basal thermometer, a woman can know her ovulation cycle.

It is important for a woman to know when she is ovulating because then she will know on what days every month she is most likely to become pregnant if she has sexual intercourse allowing a sperm to fertilize an egg released from her ovary.

Even today, there are women out in the bush with the Zika virus and without fossil fuel-dependent conveniences such as birth control pills.  Having a basal thermometer would be a lot better than nothing.  In fact, coupled with a natural condom, it can be a pretty effective means of family planning.  Natural condoms can be made from the intestinal membrane of a sheep (a thin layer of sheep cecum, a part of the intestine), for example, and they are biodegradable.  Natural condoms may not, however, protect against viruses.

I recommend the Geratherm® Non-Mercury Basal Thermometer.  Sure, you can use others, but here are my reasons why I choose this particular one:

  • Geratherm is a German company with 125 years of experience manufacturing glass thermometers.
  • Geratherm developed Galinstan®, a substitute for the toxic mercury that non-digital thermometers used to be made with.
  • Galinstan® is a liquid alloy that is non-mercury and non-toxic.
  • If the thermometer accidentally breaks, Galinstan® can be cleaned up with warm soapy water.
  • The Geratherm thermometer exceeds ASTM standards with an accuracy of +/- 0.1°F.  Please note that a woman’s temperature can rise an average of 0.5°F just after ovulation; therefore, an ultra-sensitive thermometer is required.
  • Since the thermometer is not digital, it does not require any batteries that would need to be replaced, and the thermometer should last forever, as long as it is not broken.
  • The package inserts contain excellent information, in different languages even, including Arabic, English, Portuguese, and Spanish (I think, see below). Your first graph is already included, and you can use it to create more.
  • Each thermometer costs about $20 on Amazon.com. Let us ask Geratherm to make us a deal for any larger orders we can get together.

Geratherm pg2.JPG

After the initial investment, the project is sustainable since the thermometers can be used indefinitely until or unless they break.  Further, the project can dramatically increase understanding of basic biology worldwide, in a way that empowers women and so everyone, really.  Supplying women with basal thermometers could drastically cut down on the need for fertility clinics and fossil fuel-based drugs whose risks are not truly known until millions of people take them for extended periods of time under careful scientific monitoring.  We all know that careful scientific monitoring by non-biased scientists is not occurring for anything being tested on the people.  The basal thermometer project could also have a huge impact on reproductive health since women will be more in tune with their own bodies and will therefore know sooner should any problems arise.  Early detection, in turn, can be critical for a good prognosis.

Geratherm pg3.JPG

To chart one’s fertility cycle using a basal thermometer, a woman simply takes her temperature before she gets out of bed at the same time each morning.  She places the thermometer under her tongue for 3 minutes before eating, drinking, smoking or any physical activity.  Then she records her temperature every day on a graph having temperature on the vertical axis (about 96°F to 99.5°F in 0.1°F increments, or about 35.9°C to 37.5°C in 0.1°C increments) and days of the cycle on the horizontal axis (starting with the first day of the menstrual cycle).  After completing about three charts, a pattern of ovulation should become visible.  Look how many fundamental skills and principles we can teach around this singular exercise.

In the graph below, the fertile phase is shaded in gray.




Right now, there is an online Fertility Charting Tool at www.ovulation-calculator.com.  See also OvaGraph.com for examples of basal body temperature charts.  Consult your doctor for more guidance.

I believe this project is critically important because I am a woman who has taken care of herself and others since I was 18 years old.  My older sister and I were both in college when my father got laid off from work along with thousands of other geologists by the filthy-rich oil and gas industry.  My father was an excellent scientist trained in Germany and harvested by North America in the aftermath of World War II.  Due to the impending collapse of civilization as we know it today, there is an urgency to get these thermometers and the accompanying information out to as many women of child-bearing age in the world as possible right now before raw materials become less available, high-quality manufacturing shuts down and shipping becomes difficult then impossible.

I need your help.



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