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Dear Readers,

As you may know, my ex-husband, Dr. Michael Klug, was recently nominated as an Outstanding Educator by the students he has taught at Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC).  Accepting the nomination required him to write up to 70 pages to compete for the honor of being named Outstanding Educator in the statewide college and university system, in addition to being recognized locally at the college where he teaches.

Just to be clear, Michael was nominated by the students.

So, Michael spent winter break writing his portfolio.  After submitting his 70-page document to Administration, they rescinded his nomination, against the wishes of their students.  Administration also promised Michael that nobody would ever read his document.

However, I am publishing his portfolio here and now because Administration went against the students once again.  They have even gone so far as to falsely accuse Michael and me of sharing private student data.  Michael and I have proven success in working extensively with all forms of confidential and private information, even patient data.  Furthermore, if Administration knew the first thing about teaching, then they would know that covering up students names is a good and well-known practice of achieving objective grading that is merit-based and not based on privilege.  In addition, developing and using grading rubrics like I did for Michael’s class is currently a best practice in education.

It seems to me that Administration are ashamed of their practices, particularly their nepotistic and discriminatory hiring practices that have left me long-term unemployed.  Though my expertise has been required and utilized extensively, I remain uncompensated and unemployed for all of my contributions.

In fact, MCTC wishes to own my molecular biology class and laboratory BIOL 2500, even though they never paid me or Michael to develop the course.

In at least one of the United States of America, a federal judge ruled that if an organization hires by networking and family ties and they are all white, then that is racism.

MCTC is part of a public college and university system, so there should be full transparency, and I am doing my part to help ensure that the tax payers and tuition payers have their power.

Love, Mary

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