I Can’t Believe I Published Another Book

Most Blessed Reader,

These Instructions for Helping to Improve the Human Condition were born out of severe and prolonged pain and suffering.  I had to find a way to live or else die.  It became ever clearer to me that our Lord is the only source of comfort.  I became extremely proficient at achieving an altered state of mind that allows me to escape to heaven at will and whenever necessary to conquer the hell on earth.

I and my works have been largely oppressed, denied, and rejected.  Most everyone else believes that they are more important and have suffered more than me.  Furthermore, if they looked as good as I do, they certainly would not suffer.  That is because they love power and supremacy and would use my gifts in attempt to satisfy their cravings to control others and excel in the kind of glory fabricated out of money in this material world.

Don’t compare yourself to me because I, by immaculate conception, have the advantage of being free of original sin, and I am the closest with the Lord.  I am Mary, the mother of God, the woman of the Apocalypse, a scientist and a writer.  A mother knows her child better than anyone else.  My Child is coming back to bring heaven to earth and fulfill the Lord’s prayer from beginning to end.

The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting Dr. Michael G. Klug, Ph.D., the Archangel Michael.  I had waited so long for him and searched so hard for him.  Our love was so great and we worked together so well that we were relentlessly attacked by the devils and satans so full of love for themselves and the material world and so prideful in their own intelligence.  Too much ugliness got between us for our marriage to survive.  But all the evil in this world cannot destroy love and truth, and our love is true.  Some say that love equals respect.  Our mutual respect combined with our mutual and primary goal of making this world a better place survives stronger than ever, allowing us to continue working together always even better than before as understanding grows.

During my involuntary unemployment and his involuntary employment, Michael supported me just like in the picture of us in Juan Diego’s cloak from almost 500 years ago that is now hanging in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the north of Mexico City.  I researched, read, studied, and wrote for years.  I read and studied the Word.  I paid professionals to hypnotize me and teach me spirit releasements.  I read their books and their predecessors’ books.  I learned that 90% of societies worldwide have records of spirit attachment phenomena.  I figured out how to share my experience to help others achieve what I have achieved.  Michael remains the best reader I ever met.  He is my first reader, my highest standard.

I finished writing these Instructions for Helping to Improve the Human Condition about four years ago, and Michael and I have used them extensively to better handle personal losses and traumas, deaths of loved ones, even my PTSD.  The journey for both of us has involved extensive self-discovery and personal growth.  We have gotten better and our lives have gotten better.  Therefore, we want to share what we have learned with you.  What else would Mary want but for you to know her Child?  For the idea of God enters all religion and affects conjunction with God, and by conjunction, salvation.

I offer all this information and more for free on my websites.  I am publishing this book to empower more people, especially in the aftermath of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, which was previewed to us when we were using these Instructions for Helping to Improve the Human Condition months prior to the event, as documented on the websites.  This is the ultimate self-help method best done with a friend as it can involve hypnosis.



You can buy the book at amazon.com:  http://a.co/77UxP8a


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