I Can’t Believe I Published a Book

Dear Friend,

It has been an honor serving the Lord with the Archangel Michael for more than 20 years, and I had fun making a book with him in 4 cities in 3 states of the continental U.S.  Who knew that he is a gifted photographer, too?  I know that the foreword he wrote will melt the heart of anyone who reads it.  I don’t know how to thank him except by contributing some beauty to the world and, most importantly, love.

We published the book on August 21, 2017, after a total solar eclipse happened.  I couldn’t see the eclipse for myself, even though I bought safety viewing glasses.  It rained in the desert that day.  The sun usually returns quickly after a rain in the desert, especially during August, but on the 21st it disappeared shortly after appearing and a thick cloud cover persisted even beyond the potential viewing period.  The unexpected sign I saw that day was this double rainbow:


Since its release, “Sexiest at 50: PTSD PhD Marie” has been the #1 New Release in Erotic Arts & Photography on amazon.com.  I am very honored and very grateful!

The course I took on Pornographic and Erotic Literature at CU Denver during the spring semester of 1990 sure paid off! 

DMK CU transcript p2 redacted.jpg

I did not think that I needed a liberal arts education as a chemistry major.  But my professors assured me that it was necessary for me to become “well-rounded” and “to have something to talk with people about at dinner parties.”  I ended up talking about that course in Pornographic and Erotic Literature years later with the head of the department I was interviewing in for graduate school.  He asked me about the anomaly on my transcript.  I thought he must be talking about the C+ I received in physics.  I proceeded to explain that I had the third highest grade in a class of like 160 students.  I went to meet with the professor in person to get the error corrected, but he told me that he gave one A, one B, one C+, and the rest C’s, D’s, and F’s.  He assured me that he could do whatever he wanted to, and I believed him. 

In fact, my future department head could not care less about physics.  What he wanted to know about was erotic and pornographic literature.  Turns out most everyone is more interested in erotic and pornographic literature than in physics.

By the time I finished my bachelor’s degree, I was so broke that I had to get a credit card just to buy clothes suitable for job interviews.  I protested, but my professors assured me that it was necessary.  They really did an excellent job educating me at CU Denver.  My clothes were torn and tattered, as is fashionable these days!  People actually buy clothes that have been purposely torn and faded to imitate how I looked when I was really poor and my car barely ran.  That’s okay because I learned how to live economically, which is good because I must sell like 8 books every day just to pay $700/mo rent.

Publish or perish…

Thank God for believers, the sexiest people in the world!



You can get a copy of the book here:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1974551415/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_P8yNzb3X1E93Q


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