Aura Photography

Beloved Readers,

As birthdays become occasions for reflection more than anticipation, I see that I am an adult reaching maturity. Yet opportunities abound in my quest for the truth, intelligence, and wisdom.

For my 52nd birthday, I wished for a photograph of my aura. My wish came true thanks to my best friend. I wanted my aura photographed because I am interested in the soul. Please note that aura or biofeedback photography does not go against or favor any religion or faith. The soul, the life force, animates the physical body. The physical body is the vessel for the soul here in the physical world. Without the soul, the body has no life.

The soul is energy. It may be a luminous field, it may encompass the colors of the visible spectrum of light, it may be a biomagnetic field. It seems efforts are always underway to image, measure, or otherwise describe it.

The results of my aura photography are so interesting that I am sharing them here with you so you can see for yourself. Perhaps you would like to have your aura photographed as well.












The body is the form of the soul, just as charity is the form of faith. Charity is love toward the neighbor. Faith is truth.

Charity through faith, but not charity itself or faith itself, accomplishes good, for example, to the community or to society. Indeed, faith and charity are nothing unless they terminate in good deeds. Charity opens the spiritual mind. Faith comes through charity, which is a life in accordance with the 10 Commandments (Exodus Chapter 20 of the Bible). All who lead a life of charity and faith are guarded by our Lord and raised into heaven after their judgment.

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